Enhancing Our Island

The Guernsey Development Agency (GDA), was established by the States of Guernsey in July 2023. Its aim is to deliver developments, amongst other areas, along the East coast between the Aquarium and Salerie Corner and between Longue Hougue and the Vale Castle. These developments will be in line with the Harbour Action Areas identified within the Island Development Plan.

An Introduction to the GDA

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The developments must meet 5 key objectives set by the States:

  1. Provide infrastructure that protects Guernsey’s East Coast and harbours from current and future environmental threats. (e.g. flooding)
  2. Provide infrastructure to develop modern and resilient harbours (taking into account Guernsey’s future harbour requirements, both in terms of operational requirements and the wider redevelopment of the east coast) which create opportunities to provide improved social, economic and environmental infrastructure.
  3. Provide transport infrastructure which improves transport connectivity and choice, within and between the main Centres.
  4. Provide infrastructure that supports Guernsey’s housing requirements.
  5. Provide infrastructure that supports existing business activity and creates economic opportunities.

These objectives should be delivered whilst being as cost neutral to the States as possible.

What is the Guernsey Development Agency (GDA)?

The GDA will create enhancements which will improve the economy, promote new industries, or create new spaces for all to enjoy. We think of ourselves as a listening agency and we want to hear all of your views and interests.

All proposed ideas will be fully evaluated to consider the benefits and the costs. With sustainability being a key consideration at every stage of the process.

It is likely that the initial projects which are proposed by the GDA agency will be smaller in scale and do not impact any existing plans for the harbours.

One of the challenges we face is ensuring that the chosen enhancements are achieved using private funding, if possible. I.e. not tax payers money. This means carefully evaluating all potential ideas to ensure the business case is sound.

We are committed to listening to your views, evaluating all opportunities, whilst ensuring we maintain the natural beauty our Island.



The Seafront Enhancement Group was established by the Policy & Resources Committee to initiate various opportunities for enhancement along the seafront of St Peter Port.

June 2021

During the debate on the Future Harbour Development, the States of Guernsey resolved to direct the Policy & Resources Committee to bring forward proposals on the establishment of a Development Agency.

March 2022

The Seafront Regeneration Advisory Board oversaw the production of the first Development Agency Policy Letter that was provided to the States of Guernsey, which subsequently approved the establishment of the Guernsey Development Agency.

July 2022

The Shadow Guernsey Development Agency Board oversaw the production of the second Development Agency Policy Letter provided to the States of Guernsey.

7th November 2022

The Board application process opens.

24th December 2022

Closing date for Board applications.

12th – 13th January 2023

Board role interviews will take place.

30th January 2023

The Policy Letter, including proposed Board appointments, corporate documents and budgets and strategic direction, will be lodged for debate and ratification by the States of Guernsey.

29th March 2023

March States Meeting - the Policy Letter will be debated by the States of Guernsey.

Mid-2023 – Mid-2024

Work on the Long-Term Development Plan will commence, together with detailed land-use planning for harbour and commercial port requirements.

2024 – 2026

Work on the first major project will commence, with planning work on second generation strategic projects already underway.

2030 Onwards

First projects will be completed. Measurable and sustainable evidence of the Agency’s role in delivering value enhancement to society.