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The Guernsey Development Agency (‘Agency’) will become the coordinating authority for the integrated development and enhancement of the island’s east coast.

The Agency will act as a bridge between various political committees and public service departments, connecting an awareness of relevant policies to the planning and delivery of complex projects which will contribute to the island’s future economic and social success.

Board applications are now open.

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Collectively, the Board will share a diversity of real-world commercial expertise and social accountability to ensure our community’s resources and assets achieve the greatest future economic and social outcomes.

Once approved, the Board will establish the Agency’s strategic direction and prepare the Long-Term Development Plan for Guernsey’s east coast infrastructure.

In the long term, the Board will manage land assets, establish commercial partnerships, work with the community, oversee infrastructure development and ultimately deliver positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for the island.

The Agency wants to attract experienced Directors to the Board who care deeply about the island community and who can, individually and collectively, contribute to the strategy, planning and development of all frameworks necessary to implement complex infrastructure development projects.

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We need the very best people with a balance of different talents and career backgrounds; committed individuals who are prepared to ‘roll their sleeves up’ in order to bring this innovative vision to life.

Stuart Falla CBE Chair-Designate of the Guernsey Development Agency



The Seafront Enhancement Group was established by the Policy & Resources Committee to initiate various opportunities for enhancement along the seafront of St Peter Port.

June 2021

During the debate on the Future Harbour Development, the States of Guernsey resolved to direct the Policy & Resources Committee to bring forward proposals on the establishment of a Development Agency.

March 2022

The States of Guernsey approved the Policy Letter for the establishment of the Guernsey Development Agency.

July 2022

Stuart Falla was appointed as Chair-Designate of the Guernsey Development Agency. A sub-committee of the Chair, Peter Stahelin and Simon Holden, work to establish the necessary governance, corporate structure, processes and organisation.

7th November 2022

The Board application process opens.

24th December 2022

Closing date for Board applications.

12th – 13th January 2023

Board role interviews will take place.

30th January 2023

The Policy Letter, including proposed Board appointments, corporate documents and budgets and strategic direction, will be lodged for debate and ratification by the States of Guernsey.

29th March 2023

March States Meeting - the Policy Letter will be debated by the States of Guernsey.

Mid-2023 – Mid-2024

Work on the Long-Term Development Plan will commence, together with detailed land-use planning for harbour and commercial port requirements.

2024 – 2026

Work on the first major project will commence, with planning work on second generation strategic projects already underway.

2030 Onwards

First projects will be completed. Measurable and sustainable evidence of the Agency’s role in delivering value enhancement to society.